Wazeefe Online Recruitment Benefits and Advantages

Online recruitment or e-recruitment is a new strategy for professional organizations nowadays and has helped companies with their recruitment policies. Online recruitment saves a business time and money, and helps expand their business.

Online recruitment has become very common among recruiting firms, and there are some organizations that have relied entirely on e-recruitment to hire new employees. In addition, it is a life saver for individuals who are seeking jobs.

Recruiters are always the one that are in control in the job process. For this, Wazeefe tends to give the balance the fair impression that should hold the balance between job seeker and job provider. Even though, the final decision is for the employer to offer the job vacancy or not; still, Wazeefe acts hard to make that decision for the sake of both the job seeker and employers. This is done by giving the right for both to post their job offers and to communicate directly to each other.

  • 1.
    Free Of Charge Online Recruitment

    Job seekers and Job recruiters are welcomed to post their job posts free of charge.

    Wazeefe is considered to be the only FULL FREE OF CHARGE website that is concerned with job search, job recruitment, post a job, post a job vacancy in Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros , Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

  • 2.
    Direct Link between Recruiter and Job Seeker

    Whether you are searching for a job or searching for an employee, Wazeefe is the only solution for you. We offer a direct link between you and the job provider or job seeker without any interference.

    Wazeefe main and solely aim is to create a direct and easy link between job searchers and job providers.

  • 3.
    Higher Rate of Reach

    Having thousands of people searching Wazeefe daily; your job post is a must to be viewed and contacted.

    We offer a user friendly interface, that is credible and reliable for all job posts types; at the same time, Wazeefe offer a fast spread for your post free of charge by not limiting your job post to any charge or other boundaries.

  • 4.
    Expand your circle of research

    "With the traditional job site chases, the recruiter only has access to people looking for positions or at least listening to the market," says Mourad Awad, the President of The Consultants, the main owner of Wazeefe. Thanks to the posts offered by professional online recruiter Wazeefe, the recruiter or the job seeker can broaden his/her circle of research by also reaching out to people who do not plan to change. However, still these are limited. Wazeefe is not only an online recruitment web but it is all free of charge.

  • 5.
    Contact the Job Seekers and Job providers (Recruiters)

    "The professional Wazeefe networks make it possible to come into contact with the profile identified. If the latter is not looking for a job, and is not ready to leave his current employer, Wazeefe nevertheless allows keeping a regular contact. This is a way to retain this talent to be able to address him again with a new opportunity, "says Mourad Awad. And if the desired profile cannot be found, the recruiter always has the opportunity to solicit on Wazeefe a person likely to put him in touch with the rare gem.

  • 6.
    Detect Talent on Focus Groups

    Focus groups that are around very specific themes, often technical, make it possible to identify, on the basis of exchanges, the best profiles. This is the core of searches used in Wazeefe. Whenever you search for a job vacancy or job seeker, you will get the full list of the same group or category which makes you able to compare and contrast between the different present choices.

  • 7.
    Have access to more reliable information

    The job post is, in essence, public. This visibility encourages transparency and discourages candidates from cheating on their journey. It is therefore more difficult to lie on Wazeefe networks observes Mourad Awad. Especially since it is very easy to report abuse with us.

  • 8.
    Consult the "skills" of the job provider or job seeker

    "A job post on Wazeefe contains much more information than a simple CV, notes Mourad Awad. Our deduicated resume builder makes Wazeefe collect the needed info that is intended to help job seeker find a job faster, and let the recruiter find the specific employee at no time. For example, on job post, it is possible to indicate key skills (technical, linguistic, managerial ...) which can then be confirmed by his contacts. This form of validation can only reassure a recruiter. "

  • 9.
    Have access to additional documents

    "At Wazeefe, the candidate also has the opportunity to mention links to studies he has published, to interviews he has granted, to presentations slideshare ..., details Mourad Awad. So many additional elements that do not appear on a CV! "

  • 10.
    See the recommendations

    "For each experience, the professional relations of the job post for recruiters (customers, service providers, colleagues, employer ...) can write a public recommendation," says Mourad Awad. It is a real plus compared to the simple CV, which makes the difference to the employer. "

  • 11.
    Have regularly updated information – No Old and never used data are kept

    "Which candidate remembers all the sites where he once submitted a CV?" Questions Mourad Awad. To update them is impossible ... The result is that the recruiter has access to sometimes outdated data. This problem does not arise on professional Wazeefe networks, where it is easy to update your profile regularly. " even though the time limit for any post is 3 months, still the job post could be edited by the user any time and can re-activate it whenever needed. For this, any job post found on Wazeefe is up to date.

  • 12.
    Reduced time to hire employees

    Wazeefe offers employers and companies the ability to search for employees with 24x7 hiring/job search activity. This is also accompanied with real time interaction between recruiters and job seekers without any mediator. Any job post remains active for 90 days, and the member can edit or modify or reactivate the job post whenever needed.

  • 13.
    Reduced price to hire employees

    Costs of posting jobs and/or searching for candidates on online recruitment websites, traditional search firms, and other advertising methods can cost you a fortune. Wazeefe offers you the service on online posting and searching for the right employees free of charge. This is controlled in a manner to have a high quality posts along with accurate relevancy searches.

  • 14.
    Wider reach for employers

    Traditional recruitment methods through advertising, recruitment agencies and recruitment websites always tend to be restricted by career level, geography (location), industry, job type, employment type and other barriers. Wazeefe makes it possible to jomp over all these restrictions and get the job that you are seeking for or the employee that your company is searching for. Wazeefe database is updated regularly to always retrieve the up to date job posts. Wazeefe will focus its marketing strategies to direct all job searches online. This would be beneficiary for both the job seeker and the recruiter by getting thousands of views to their posts.

  • 15.
    Wider reach for job seekers

    Posting your CV online might be a waste of time if the website is not investing in ts marketing targets towards companies that are really searching to hire employees. For this, Wazeefe invest in spreading your CV in a pattern to reach accurate targets in order to increase the probability of you being hired.

  • 16.
    Best Searching Tool

    Wazeefe is a leader in job searches; all this is due to the innovative and systematic search strategies that are held by our technicals in order to provide the best job search activity at our website. In addition a search powered by Google search engine is used in order to make searches as efficient as possible.

  • 18.
    Proactivity is allowed without any mediator

    Job seeker and Job provider could get in-touch as soon as they find the post that they are searching for. Phone numbers are directly shown for any searcher without any interference from us.

Wazeefe Team Values and Qualities

Wazeefe team could be described as a group of individuals working together towards a common goal which is provide the best recruitment service online free of charge, and producing high quality results in an effective manner.

Clear Vision

Wazeefe team has a clearly defined common goal. The goal is understood by all members of the team and everyone knows their exact responsibility in achieving this goal. Progress towards the objective is measured at regular intervals and follows a predetermined schedule. We all know that our main target is to provide our website and mobile app visitors a friendly environment with ease of usage. Along job posts are given a high priority to be spread for specific targets.

Common Values

Wazeefe team shares common values. These values often include excellence, trust, team spirit, quality, respect, responsibility, listening and customer satisfaction.

Effective Communication

The quality of communication within Wazeefe team is one of the keys to our success. Team members are comfortable sharing their opinions and feelings without fear of being judged. They freely express their creative ideas and dare to ask questions before mistakes are made. Listening is considered just as important as speaking.

Differences between individuals are valued and in case of conflict, respect and dignity are always maintained. Criticism is always constructive and aims to help solve a problem. The members of Wazeefe trust each other, help each other and respect each other.

Maximum Productivity

Wazeefe team is high-performance team that is committed to producing significant results, according to high quality standards. Members have a certain pride in meeting deadlines, achieving their goals and completing the work. They are constantly looking to improve. They have highly effective decision-making and problem-solving methods that encourage creativity and participation. Finally, they are proud of the results of the team.

Mutual Trust

The members of Wazeefe team have total trust in each other. They trust the ability of other members to do their work as best as possible, on time. They do not need to "watch" each other. Team spirit is important and optimism always dominates.

Optimum Flexibility

Wazeefe team members knows how to adapt to changing conditions and demands. The roles of each member of the team can vary and interchange. The strengths of each are identified and used appropriately. Everyone participates in team development and leadership.

Sense of Belonging

The members of Wazeefe have a strong sense of belonging to the team and are aware of their role in the success of the projects. This sense of belonging is strengthened by involving members in making important decisions, choosing project implementation strategies and setting goals.

Recognition Expressed

The work of Wazeefe is recognized and appreciated by the managers and by the members of the team themselves. Individual performances are also recognized at their fair value. And every goal achieved is celebrated. Recognition is a strong source of motivation for Wazeefe team.

In summary, Wazeefe team has a clearly defined goal and values, effective working methods, a state of mind of excellence and mutual respect, and a strong involvement of members in the success of the project.