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Bridgestone Operations Management

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Originally, the founder of Bridgestone, Shojiro Ishibashi, was a manufacturer of traditional rubber soles. However, facing a Japan increasingly industrialized, he began to engage in the design of t...

How May Your Project Fail: IT Project Failure

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The computer has two faces. There is the austere and the beautiful, technology Reliability, performance, integration. The other face is fewer riders: everyone remembers the horrific stories of fail...

Luxury & Fashion Management Perspective: Digital Media is Becoming The New Communication Medium For Luxury Brands

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 “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not Luxury”

Coco Chanel

What fun was my choice of subject for this part of my work portfolio? I...

Smartphones Impact on Students' Life

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Smartphones became a major communication provider for people whether in Lebanon, or any other place. It is the students’ daily companion. They are not able to leave their companion for 1 hour...

The Effect of Corruption in the Lebanese Market

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This is no time that is longer applicable to figure another viewpoint. $ 700 million is not under question anymore. Released by the Lebanese Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, the annual loss to L...

Who Controls YOUR LIFE? Fear Appeal?

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Is it effective to try to scare or shock a smoker to stop smoking? The study of the effectiveness of communication campaigns using Theory of Fear Appeals (fear or shocking ima...

Is Mass Media Increasing the Likelihood of Terrorism?

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The journalists are supposed to be the events clerks. They stand by occupation, the minutes of social or political facts they are privileged witnesses. The feedbacks they give in through their...