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E-marketing Strategy For Marie-France

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Respond to customer needs and implement strategies that maximize the reach of Marie-France’s business goals over the Internet.

By understanding customers’ movement to a site, it can be opti...

Take Care for your Employees- They are the Main Asset of Your Company : HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT

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 For twenty years, the management literature recognizes the fundamental role of human capital in the acquisition of competitive advantage and value creation (Hamel and Prahalad, 1994; Lev, 2001). H...

Who does Aristotle Exclude from Citizenship and WHY?

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The work of the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC), founder of the High School student and critical successor to Plato, is part of a vast encyclopedia which covers many areas, from the arts t...

What is POWER? Politics, Power and Society

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Power is the ability to act, to achieve a goal or to obtain a desired effect. Robert Dahl (American political scientist) defines power as the capacity for A (one or more individuals) to obtain B (o...

Do the Principles and Features of the Athenian Democracy Have Any Relevance in the Political Systems in the Twenty First Century?

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What, exactly, is democracy? If one refers in turn to the etymology of the word and the many regimes that have claimed it, from antiquity to the present day democracy is proving to be a simple...

International Politics: Has the Era of US Hegemonic Leadership of the Global Economic System Ended?

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The need for security and control functions that demand from the system leader, cause the rise or decline of a hegemonic actor and therefore the dynamics of relations between States. Thus, the poli...

Performance Аpprаisаl Impаct on the Employers’ Needs and Employees

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Performance Appraisal is an essential activity for the optimal development of the company's human resources. It can take a privileged time out to watch the evolution of the employee according ...