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Contribution of Internal Audit to the Financial Performance of Companies: The Case of Lebanese Banks

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An essential condition for the survival of a company or more generally of an organization lies in the ability of its members to act consistently and efficiently to achieve the objectives of the org...

The Reality of Equality

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Social Mobilization: What I find quite important, is that there must be a plan for double engagement that should be mobilizing people of all departmental stakeholders - and this is...

How Women and Men Think?

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Science shows that men and women think differently. "If I'm stupid, it's Mom's fault." "Is it born homosexual?

Regularly, the press reports in its headlines the latest advances in...

Polygamy: The Issue Having More than One Wife

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Family issues are extremely sensitive issues. They borrow this character from the complex nature of the family and from the people who animate it. It is therefore normal that these questi...

The Effect of Conducting Performance Appraisals on Employee Motivation Level

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Historically, appraisal systems emerged during the First World War, when the U.S. Army created the merit rating system (Khan, 2013). Performance appraisals serve many important purposes, one of whi...

How Media Sells their Media Content to Consumers?

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The information and communication sector occupies a growing place in society. Citizens of developed countries devote a large part of their leisure time to the consumption of the media, in...

Media, Freedom of Expression, and democracy: Whether Media/ Culture Work More to Perpetuate Oppression Or Resistance In Contemporary Societies

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The question of Whether Media/ Culture Work More Perpetuate Oppression Or Resistance In Contemporary Societies is often reduced to that of the plurality of ways and means of information and communi...