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Best Procurement Strategies: Emerging Importance and Impact of New Lever Profitability within the Company.

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For several centuries, the business concept was not present in the mind of man. The work was manual, the machines did not exist; it was the era of crafts or amateurism. From the nineteenth century t...

Natural vs. Artificial

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“Nature wants children to be children before being men. If we want to pervert this order, we will produce early fruits, immature or taste and which will soon be corrupt “


How does Dancing increase Self Esteem & Educationаl Achievement and decreases Stress Among Students

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Stress controls the way people live, work, feel, socialize, and achieve. It is the most irritant that an individual could face when relating any personal, educational, profession, and emotional ach...

The Impact of Fluctuation of Gold Prices on Financial Crises

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The Evolution of the price of gold 10 years ago comprises peaks; this is due to the influence of several factors that relate to a movement in the gold price. It is a given upward trend that has bee...

How to Increase your Business Income through Performance Appraisal?

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Performаnce Аpprаisаl is аn essentiаl аctivity for the optimаl development of the compаny's humаn resources. It cаn tаke а privileged time out to wаtch the evolution of the employee аccording to th...

Gaining Continuous Competitive Advantage Over Your Competitors

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If the search for a sustainable competitive advantage is the strategy of the keystone, the way to achieve this is debatable.  The objective of the study “BUILDING AND SUSTAINING COM...

Know How to Treat your Love by Using Love and Intimacy Theory - An Article in Practice

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The human being is a relational being. Numerous studies have demonstrated that universal need links to the vitality and sense of worth. Besides, more than the number of people from the entourage, i...