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Smartphones Impact on Students' Life

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Smartphones became a major communication provider for people whether in Lebanon, or any other place. It is the students’ daily companion. They are not able to leave their companion for 1 hour...

The Effect of Animated Infographics on Media Users mainly Social Media Users

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The number of advertisements on the Internet keeps growing, and the Internet user is active when searching for information on this medium. These elements make capturing his attention more and ...

Does Using Cell phones Mаke People More Or Less Connected

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In recent years, technology has evolved very rapidly. Indeed, whether at the level of computers or cell phones, technologies are now part of our daily lives. They are useful to us every day at scho...

Managing Technologies and Innovation-Sаmsung R&D

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The impact of the innovation process and research and development expenditure on business is very important. Indeed, a company has put in place contracts and products protected by patents and also ...

How to Mange an Hotel as an Expert... WITHOUT ANY EXPERIENCE?

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Managing Hotel is affected by many aspects and challenges. Human resources skills are influenced by these challenges too. The changes present at the global market enforce a transform in organizatio...

Competitive Advantage and Innovation - the Importance of Innovation for Companies: Case of Intel

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Innovation is considered as the primary source for Intel in order to stay the primary leader in the market of computers and processors. Th...

The Relationship Between Innovation and Technology

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Globalization is the core issue that was founded in the 90s and is still taking place in these days. It might never end in the near future. For this reason now everything is related and correlated ...