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Media, Freedom of Expression, and democracy: Whether Media/ Culture Work More to Perpetuate Oppression Or Resistance In Contemporary Societies

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The question of Whether Media/ Culture Work More Perpetuate Oppression Or Resistance In Contemporary Societies is often reduced to that of the plurality of ways and means of information and communi...

Who does Aristotle Exclude from Citizenship and WHY?

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The work of the Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC), founder of the High School student and critical successor to Plato, is part of a vast encyclopedia which covers many areas, from the arts t...

What is POWER? Politics, Power and Society

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Power is the ability to act, to achieve a goal or to obtain a desired effect. Robert Dahl (American political scientist) defines power as the capacity for A (one or more individuals) to obtain B (o...

Do the Principles and Features of the Athenian Democracy Have Any Relevance in the Political Systems in the Twenty First Century?

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What, exactly, is democracy? If one refers in turn to the etymology of the word and the many regimes that have claimed it, from antiquity to the present day democracy is proving to be a simple...

International Politics: Has the Era of US Hegemonic Leadership of the Global Economic System Ended?

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The need for security and control functions that demand from the system leader, cause the rise or decline of a hegemonic actor and therefore the dynamics of relations between States. Thus, the poli...

How Saudi Arabia is Diminishing Crime

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Since the early 1970s, Saudi Arabia has made considerable efforts to modernize its judicial system in order to adapt to social and economic changes and the development of international trade in a p...