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How Media Sells their Media Content to Consumers?

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The information and communication sector occupies a growing place in society. Citizens of developed countries devote a large part of their leisure time to the consumption of the media, in...

E-marketing Strategy For Marie-France

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Respond to customer needs and implement strategies that maximize the reach of Marie-France’s business goals over the Internet.

By understanding customers’ movement to a site, it can be opti...

Is Mass Media Increasing the Likelihood of Terrorism?

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The journalists are supposed to be the events clerks. They stand by occupation, the minutes of social or political facts they are privileged witnesses. The feedbacks they give in through their...

The Importance of Branding in Recruitment

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The construction of brand building has become an indispensable step in the recruitment race. Indeed, if performed well, it would reduce recruiting costs by 50% and turnover by 28%. The professional...

Grow Your Business Through Branding

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The brand is the synthetic expression of the identity of a mark, formalized in a document. It defines the company under various key aspects that will characterize it during all or part of its exist...

The Demand and Market Segmentation at BMW and the Factors that Influence Them

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What justifies BMW to go into the manufacture of a product or the provision of a service is the conviction of those who run it that there is an actual or potential demand for the cars, that is, the...

Why and How You Should Use Social Media To Compete in the Business World?

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The transition from the public sphere to the professional sphere is consummated. According to a study recently published by CareerBuilder's online job site, the adoption of social tools (collaborat...