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Natural vs. Artificial

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“Nature wants children to be children before being men. If we want to pervert this order, we will produce early fruits, immature or taste and which will soon be corrupt “


How does Dancing increase Self Esteem & Educationаl Achievement and decreases Stress Among Students

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Stress controls the way people live, work, feel, socialize, and achieve. It is the most irritant that an individual could face when relating any personal, educational, profession, and emotional ach...

The Reality of Equality

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Social Mobilization: What I find quite important, is that there must be a plan for double engagement that should be mobilizing people of all departmental stakeholders - and this is...

How Women and Men Think?

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Science shows that men and women think differently. "If I'm stupid, it's Mom's fault." "Is it born homosexual?

Regularly, the press reports in its headlines the latest advances in...

Polygamy: The Issue Having More than One Wife

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Family issues are extremely sensitive issues. They borrow this character from the complex nature of the family and from the people who animate it. It is therefore normal that these questi...

Who Controls YOUR LIFE? Fear Appeal?

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Is it effective to try to scare or shock a smoker to stop smoking? The study of the effectiveness of communication campaigns using Theory of Fear Appeals (fear or shocking ima...

Effect of Bullying on People

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Bullying has important consequences for the person who uses intimidation, its target and people who witness acts. The long-term study on bullying conducted by Leonard Eron there over 30 years ...