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Pricing and Selling

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For your services or your products, you need to determine the right price depending on your market, the quality of your service or your offer, competition in your market...

How to calculate...

Contribution of Internal Audit to the Financial Performance of Companies: The Case of Lebanese Banks

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An essential condition for the survival of a company or more generally of an organization lies in the ability of its members to act consistently and efficiently to achieve the objectives of the org...

The Impact of Interest Rate Change on Bank Profitability: The Case of Lebanese Banks

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Finance has been the focus of economic research since the days of the classic to this day. It fascinates all kind of people of all ages, whether they live in the streets of Manhattan or villages ba...

How to Prepare a Financial Comparison Between More than One Company

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There is a common belief that the growth of the industry of information technology and communication can be an opportunity for developing countries to "leapfrog" in the industrial economy. For exam...

How a Company May Raise its Funds from the Financial Market: Case of Air Berlene

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This case will provide a brief look to how a company may raise its funds from the financial market, and how it may use these funds in its financial operations in general such as reducing its debts ...

How to Control Budgeting

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Generally, a budget is a list of all planned revenues and expenses. It is a plan for saving and spending to be achieved in the near future. The purpose of a budget, in general, is to: