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Differentiate Between Product and Service, and the 14 Ps

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Defined conventionally, the product is a good or a service, offered on a market, to satisfy the needs and desires of consumers.

From marketing point of view, the product is a standard chara...

Gaining Continuous Competitive Advantage Over Your Competitors

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If the search for a sustainable competitive advantage is the strategy of the keystone, the way to achieve this is debatable.  The objective of the study “BUILDING AND SUSTAINING COM...

PPP Methods and Procurement Methods: Case of Beirut-Saida Highway

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The Lebanese Government has embarked on an ambitious infrastructure development aimed at strengthening the country's economic dynamism and competitiveness. This proactive policy also seeks to provi...

Accounting Treatment: Goodwill and IFRS

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IFRS 3 “Business Combinations” was published by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) in 2004 to replace IAS 22. The objective of this standard is to improve the relevance...

Gаrbаge Crisis in Lebаnon

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Lebanon produces 1.5 million wastes each year; most are buried in dumps. Lack of an integrated waste management across the whole territory, the situation reached a point of no return.&nbs...

How to Develop Internаl Communication Technologies and Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Global communication is defined as a comprehensive approach to all communications: corporate, marketing and internal. It is presented as a homogeneous approach designed to draw a territory for the ...

How to Direct Corporate and Competitive Strategy of a Bank

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Changes in the economic environment in recent years have had a major impact on the way companies compete. In a context of increasingly dynamic, unstable and demanding business executives must devel...